Pakistan proposed opening Kartarpur corridor for Sikhs. Now there is an ongoing news that Government of Pakistan has agreed to open a corridor across the line of control for Hindus from India to visit SHARDA MANDIR, situated in Azad Kashmir. The step is in light of Government of India`s request. The same Modi government, which violated Pakistan’s air space and has allowed Indian border forces to engage in skirmished across the line of control.

Is this for the goodwill of India out of fear of Indian invasion? Has India agreed to hold a referendum in Kashmir or is ready even to talk on Kashmir dispute. The answer is no.

Answer to India’s attitude is a history of one thousand years. Muslims have not been able to befriend Hindus and our successive Pakistani governments are trying to do a miracle of changing Hindu mentality, which is that of and Sivaji, the later one stabbed General Muhammad Afzal of Bijapur who had come to a meeting with Sivaji to sign a peace agreement. All friendly overtures met contempt by India including dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971.

Prime Minister Imran Khan should know that Mr. Radcliff (Chairman of Boundary Commission) in 1947 had decided to hand over Lahore, part of Sahiwal and Khanewal districts to India because Sikhs claimed that birthplace of Guru Nanak, Mausoleum of Raja Ranjit Singh & massive land holdings in these districts belonged to Sikhs. It was planned by British rulers in collaboration with Hindu leaders that border of Pakistan will start from the west edge of River Ravi in Lahore. I.e. from Shahdara. Muslim Judges who were members of boundary commission told Mr. Radcliff that if he will do this, rivers of human blood will flow in Lahore, amid bloodshed, the decision was changed.

Madhopur & Ferozepur Headworks and seventeen Muslim majority tehsils became part of Indian Territory. Thereby giving control of water flow of River Ravi and River Sutlej to India and access to Kashmir through Pathankot.

Government of Pakistan should understand that what guarantee it has that Sikhs and Hindus may not claim sovereignty over these areas after fifty, hundred or five hundred years from now. Cricketers like Navjot Sidhu may not be present at that time of history.

It is well-known dictum that history repeats itself and no one knows that some Pakistani leaders at that time may agree to that for commercial and political gains as was done by Mir Jaafer, Mir Sadiq and Sheikh Abdullah to quote a few. Has Pakistan forgotten India’s role in 1971 war or massacre of Muslims by Modi in Gujarat and burning of 44 Pakistanis in Samjhota Train 12 years ago?

India on its part is telling its public that Pakistan is agreeing to all these proposals out of fear of armed might of India. Pakistan should be very careful in taking these fateful decisions. There should be legal guarantees to safeguard the future integrity of Pakistan if the Pakistan government wants to appease India at any cost. It is shocking to perceive that while India is daily killing Kashmiris not only in India occupied Kashmir but even in Azad Kashmir. The government of Pakistan is planning corridors for Indians. Government of Pakistan must tell Pakistanis the date when talks to resolve Kashmir dispute will begin because of its peace initiative illusions?


Sialkot, April 5.