PESHAWAR - Management of Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa’s biggest public sector health facility, Lady Reading Hos­pital, has made arrangements for a Corona Complex in the cardiolo­gy block to provide timely medical care to COVID-19 patients.

Speaking to The Nation, LRH Di­rector Dr Khalid Masud said that the Corona Complex would start functioning within two days.

“But I will advise people to iso­late themselves at their homes if their condition is not severe and they just suspect themselves to have interacted with a positive case. This will alleviate the bur­den on the hospitals,” the offi­cial added.

The complex will have 190 beds and it would increase the hospi­tal’s capacity from accommoda­tion of 40 corona patients to 230 COVID-19 patients.

The hospital’s spokesmen Mu­hammad Asim said that after very careful assessment, the in­stitutional management commit­tee, corona committee and chair­man BoG approved the proposal put forward by Prof Aamir Bilal to convert the cardiology block into Corona Complex. Asim said the hospital management also wanted to ensure quality cardiology ser­vices, besides setting up the new Corona Complex.

Dean LRH Prof Dr Abdul Latif Khan said that suspected COV­ID-19 patients would be admit­ted in separate isolation (private rooms), CCU and Thoracic HDU while Thoracic ICU would be used for ventilation when general ICU beds are full. He said there were separate beds allocated for posi­tive patients.

He added that they have recent­ly purchased IR dedicated angi­ography machine worth of Rs130 million, which is functional since September 2019 while 86 proce­dures have been done so far. He also denied the report that the IR dedicated machine is not func­tional.

He also said that in view of the current situation, the hospital management are expecting more COVID-19 patients and the Corona Complex will accommodate them with proper medical care and ox­ygen support.

Head of LRH Cardiology Depart­ment Assistant Professor Dr Jabar rebutted the report that cardiol­ogy services were compromised due to the Corona Complex estab­lishment.

“Cardiology services will re­main open and being shifted to a new block that has a ward, CCU and pacemaker insertion facil­ity as we also cannot compro­mise on Cath lab services that re­main functional 24/7 to deal with heart patients who are rushed to LRH,” he said.

He added that segregated path­way has been made, including a new door and exclusively reserved lift for Cath lab emergencies, keep­ing all Cath labs and post Cath CCU segregated for corona and func­tional Cath lab emergencies.