Someone has rightly said that we cannot realize or feel what others are going through, without experiencing it ourselves.

There is one thing similar in our current situation and that of Kashmir’s. Many are different but this ‘lockdown’ is the same. Some areas are completely locked down while some are partially locked down, but nonetheless a lockdown is a lockdown.

Due to this pandemic, humanity is suffering, but it has taught us many things as well. Most importantly it has made us realize the little things we always took for granted like our freedom. To roam around from one place to another was a gift for all of us which we never acknowledged properly but now we can have an idea what the people of Kashmir might be going through. The virus is no doubt deadly and dangerous but at least we are not tortured or tormented, at least our loved ones are not being brutally murdered in front of our eyes.

It is only a couple of days in this lockdown and everyone is talking about the importance of mental health. Human rights organizations are stressing to take up healthy activities and seek help to safeguard against depression, anxiety and other various emotional issues. There are now tons of free online classes, courses to keep one busy. There are games, different entertainment programs, but even with all this, most of us are feeling trapped in this lockdown, for many of us it feels similar to a jail.

Now let us all just take a minute and think what must be the people in Kashmir going through who are in lockdown for the past 244 days and with absolutely no connection with the outside world. Those people are literally suffering in their lockdown, we cannot imagine what their mental state would be, they live in constant fear, and they are not even safe in their homes, because anyone can barge inside their houses and end their lives.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, we used to hear about the Kashmir lockdown in the news, sympathize for a minute or two then we would move on like we do when we hear any other bad news of a murder or a kidnap etc.

But now as nearly every country has experienced lockdown, so we can hope all the countries whether from west or east understand the struggles of a lockdown, and will try to use their powers to help the people of Kashmir. As the whole world is locking down and trying its best to save itself, people of Kashmir should not be forgotten. 

Where are those organizations and social activists who claim that they are ensuring human rights all around the world while the people in Kashmir are withering away?

It is the duty and responsibility of the UN, Human Rights Watch, International Federation of Human Rights, UNICEF and all other international human rights organizations to raise their voices about the inhumane lockdown in Kashmir. It is also our duty as the global citizens, to play our part, we can mobilize and strengthen through social media, and we only have to use just our voice to save our fellow innocent humans, just like we are doing right now during this pandemic.

We all wish and believe that we will overcome this COVID-19 outbreak. But it is now crucial to raise voice for Kashmir, as now we all know what they are going through.