Nepotism, which is an act of favouring relatives or friends for influencing and relations has become famous in the workplaces. Giving promotions, and providing jobs to relatives or friends is the easiest way to define it. The ability and passion of doing the jobs are not seen in this fact. Here, the relationship is needed. Sadly, the people who are able but not in the relationship with the jobs providers cannot get jobs easily. On the other hand, relatives can get jobs even they are not capable. As a result, they cannot be able to carry on the jobs because they don’t have the capacity or less educated. Nepotism also causes a huge number of losses in the companies or other workplaces where it can occur. But still, it is neglected; no one is interested to take a look in this regard. Neither the owners nor the managers of the companies are seemed to think about it.

Therefore, I request the government that please, take strict action on the matter because jobs opportunity is the right of every civilian. Thus, they should not be deprived from this. Also, the companies are heartily requested to avoid it in order to make more productivities.