News of a major economic crisis is also circulating in the world where the loss of life is widespread with the coronavirus. An economic crisis that is far more dangerous than the 2008 crisis and for the first time since 1990 may play a key role in increasing poverty.

We are Muslims. We do not see the survival of humanity in terms of materialism. But it is important to keep in the corner of your mind that if the poor people were not in our factories, our children could not go to fancy private schools. If there were no poor people, no rich would be proud of their wealth today, There would be no one to serve the rich, no servant and no laborer.

Today, the outbreak of the world has taken the time to pay back the poor for the affluent. Today, the poor desperately need money. Remember it is not required that the Ministry of Finance has to help the, rather in this difficult time, affordability assistance can fill the stomach of the poor.

Ahsan Iqbal,