Islamabad                  -              The Young Doctors Association (YDA) on Thursday urged Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) for provision of insurance services to doctors and paramedic staff along with ensuring availability of Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) as per World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.The letter written by YDA Islamabad chapter said that more than 2 million COVID-19 cases have been reported world over and Pakistan is not immune to this. It said that an alarming number of more than 104 doctors and a considerable number of other healthcare workers, have contracted COVID-19 as they battle against this deadly virus in Pakistan. “The YDA believes that the rise of infections amongst medical staff is due to unavailability or poor quality of personal protective equipment or lack of its adequate provision,” said the letter. It also added that medics are being provided low-quality PPEs, in-effective masks instead of the WHO-mandated N-95 masks.