This refers to a news item that says the biggest proposed building in the capital, Islamabad, has its builder robbed of two crore worth of jewelry from his home. He should not grieve. In fact, he should be happy he is not part of the statistic of one to two murders per thana in all twelve thanas of Islamabad each week. Official statistics, of course, deny this fact but it can be confirmed from the original hospital emergency registers, Edhi and the morgue. The robbery victim has another cause to celebrate if he has not been visited by some corrupt and obese SSP or SP of which there are plentiful (13 SSPs) in Islamabad. The victim should not fret unnecessarily if his FIR has not been registered since whoever gets behind bars as a result of it, will be freed in no time and whatever is recovered from him will be incomplete. What is for sure, however, is that litigation will prolong for long as either lawyers will be on strike, or judges on leave or else the district judges will keep the case decision in abeyance or not take decision under section 22. A petition to file FIR despite repeated dates is futile as judges cannot be punished for delaying decisions nor can the lawyers be for not appearing. Such is the poverty of writ of government in Islamabad itself that Taliban will be welcome here whenever they take over. -M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 2.