Here are a few lines for consideration of the chairman HEC. Nobody disputes the fact that colleges are the most important part of the higher education sector and their teaching staff should be up to the mark. That is why the minimum academic qualification for college teaching staff is a master's degree in the concerned subject. That is why college teachers' selection is made by the Public Service Commission. Despite their high academic qualifications and PSC selection, the college teachers need some sort of pre-joining training for delivering better performance. Unfortunately, no such arrangement, on regular and organized basis, exists in the country. That is why we need at least one training academy in each province. These training academies should be set up on the pattern of other services academies, where pre-joining service training (even for duration of two or three months) is made compulsory. These would greatly help in polishing the skills as well as personalities of the college teachers which would in turn would markedly improve the quality of college education. -ANWAR JALAL KHATTAK, Peshawar, via e-mail, August 13.