PUNJAB Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif should be complimented for announcing a threefold increase in the allowances of the subordinate court judges in Punjab. There is no disputing the fact that the lower judiciary needs to be strengthened through proper infrastructure, adequate resources and properly paid judges. But for ensuring efficient, cheap and timely dispensation of justice a little more is needed especially in areas of public litigation and other petty cases in our trial courts. It is a pity that it takes about four years on an average for a case to be resolved in Pakistan. That, however, could be addressed by increasing the number of judges along with the courts, office staff, etc. But another area that needs to be highlighted is that of non-criminal court proceedings. In criminal cases the blame for delay and inefficiency can be ascribed to the corrupt police which is known for making it difficult for the court to pursue a case in time. However, since there is no involvement of police in civil cases where family law disputes and petty legal business is transacted, it is the duty of the subordinate judiciary itself to ensure timely dispensation of justice.