ISLAMABAD - Sadiqabad Police Saturday tortured the two students and put them behind the bars for consecutive three hours and demanded Rs 500 for their release. A law student Yasir Kyani along with his friend Waqas came to TheNation offices and informed that they were mentally and physically tortured by Sadiqabad Police and were locked in the police station. Elaborating the incident, Yasir said, they were going to their academy by motorbike when two policemen stopped them and asked to show the registration book of the bike. He added that after checking the book, one of the police officials, while blaming them of chasing girls asked them to go to police station or pay Rs 500. "When we refused to go to the police station, they started beating and took us to the police station, where they put us behind the bars for three hours and during this period, they were abused and tortured us", Yasir said. Showing the torture marks on the body Waqas said when they were being tortured, ASI sitting there shouted and asked his other colleague to register a case of hashish selling against them. He added that they were frightened when they heard about the fake case.     "in the meanwhile, the said cop asked us to pay something otherwise a fake case would be registered against them. At that time we had only Rs 200, which we  paid to them and they released us," Waqar added. He further said that it has become a routine matter of Sadiqabad Police, especially the patrolling parties of the said station as patrolling police often, particularly on Murree Road, stop the people, humiliate them and let them go after getting the money.