SWAT - The security forces recovered 18 bodies of militants during a search operation here in different parts of the district on Sunday. Sources disclosed that 11 out of 18 bodies were found from Dewolai area, while others were found from Salam Poor, Gorati, Kota and Gumbat areas. The deceased included Akhtar Gul, Afzal Khan, Abdullah, Momin Khan, Muhammad Alam, Wahid Ali, Azizur Rahman, Fazal Wadood, Mahmood, Sultan Mahmood, Idrees, Younas, Hameedullah, Habibur Rahman, Nisar Ahmad Khan, Fazal Satar and Bacha Sheren. The security forces also targeted suspected hideouts of the militants, besides demolishing two houses and two shops in Kanjo and Watki areas of Mingora. AFP adds: The bullet-riddled bodies of 18 Taliban militants apparently killed by furious residents seeking revenge were discovered Sunday in Swat Valley, officials said. Eighteen bodies of militants were found in Barikot, Shamozai, Kabal and Kanju, a local military spokesman told AFP. They had been apparently shot dead by residents who fear that the Taliban might return. These militants were not killed in any military operation... The heads of some of the bodies had been smashed with hammers. Atifur Rehman, administrative chief of Swat district, confirmed that 18 bodies had been found but he had no further details.