ISLAMABAD - The United States on Sunday lauded Pakistans significant progress against Taliban in Swat and shift in military focus from Indian border to frontier with Afghanistan saying it would provide more weapons to Islamabad for its anti-terrorism fight. Richard Holbrooke, President Barack Obamas Special Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, who reached Islamabad on Saturday on a four-day visit, held separate meetings with the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif on Sunday. He is also scheduled to meet the President, Prime Minister and Army and ISI Chiefs during his current visit to Pakistan. He will also visit Swat and Karachi. Addressing a joint press conference with Pakistani Foreign Minister here at the foreign office after their talks on terrorism, Afghan Presidential polls and grave energy crisis confronting Islamabad, the US envoy said Pakistani militarys success in Swat was a sign of progress. He also described the death of Baitullah Mehsud, chief of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), as a serious blow to the militants. He said, I cannot tell whether the Taliban have been destroyed or dispersed as a result of this operation in Swat until I go myself there but one thing that is quite obvious is that security forces regained Swat and Buner from the Taliban, which itself is very significant. He said, If you compare the situation in Pakistan today to what it was in March and April, theres been a dramatic change. Swat has been retaken. Buner has been retaken. Baitullah Mehsud is gone and it looks like theres a struggle for succession among his commanders. It doesnt mean the problems are solved but the situation is a lot better than it was a few months ago. He also said that a shift in Pakistans military focus from its eastern border with India to its border with Afghanistan was a positive sign. To a question on reported Washingtons desire for an early ground offensive by Pakistan Army in Taliban-controlled South Waziristan Agency, Holbrooke said the timing of military action in the tribal areas was up to Pakistan. He said, It is not for the US to decide, it would be the decision of the Pakistani government about the timing and the way to go against terrorists in Waziristan. He said the United States was planning to provide more helicopters and other equipment such as night-vision goggles to Pakistan Army and extend economic help for Islamabad that was facing serious energy crisis. He said, The United States is a close ally and friend of democratic Pakistan. He said he would undertake first ever visit to Karachi in which he would make some important announcements in connection with power crisis. I will also brief the US congress and other fora about Pakistans energy crisis, he said. To a question, Holbrooke said efforts were being made to cut the funding to terrorists and also to find out the sources of funding in Gulf region and other parts of the world. However, he admitted that it was a difficult task and would take time. To a question on Indias role in creating unrest in Balochistan and using Afghanistans soil for the purpose, the US envoy said, The United States attaches importance to Balochistan issue and talks are held with Pakistani and Afghan leaderships in that regard. Foreign Minister Qureshi while responding to a query said the Pakistani Taliban had so far failed to appoint their new chief after the death of Baitullah Mehsud. He claimed that a rift had been created in the ranks and files of the Taliban. He vowed to root out terrorists from every part of the country. We will pursue the terrorists wherever the governments writ is challenged, he said when asked whether it was not an opportune time to go after the Taliban in the wake of TTP chiefs death. He also said the second and third tiers of Taliban leadership had been eliminated by launching a targeted operation in Swat and Malakand. Answering a query, the Foreign Minister said the drone attacks in Pakistani territory were not a new issue and both the sides had been discussing it for quite a while now. He said that his meeting with Holbrooke on Sunday was focused on Pakistans energy requirements and financial needs to strengthen the economy of frontline state in global fight against the menace of terror. APP adds: Holbrooke said, US understands Pakistans energy requirements and needs, therefore, energy related issues will be focused more in Pak-US relations in future and said Pak-US relations moving towards economic ties. Appreciating the success in the war against terror by Pakistani forces, Richard Holbrooke said US would extend full assistance in the rehabilitation of the internally displaced persons of Swat, Malakand and other areas where Pakistan forces had launched operation against militants. He said US had been impressed by the success of Pakistani forces in the operation against militants. Terming the meeting with the Foreign Minister, he said it was very constructive and productive and assured that in future the US would make more progress and do better as compared to past to strengthen the Pak-US relations. Replying to a question, Holbrooke said there had been discussion and close contacts between Nato and Pakistani forces to ensure peaceful atmosphere on the occasion of forthcoming general elections in Afghanistan. Replying to a question about Pak-India relations, Holbrooke said, US will cooperate with Pakistan and India for better ties. Answering a question on the issue of money being provided to the militants and Taliban, Holbrooke said a special committee had been constituted to probe this most complicated issue. Commenting on the Presidential elections in Afghanistan, he said, We have no favourite candidate in these elections. Qureshi thanked the US administration for showing its willingness to come forward and help Pakistan in resolving its energy and economic crises. He said Pakistan had conveyed its concern of continued flow of weapons to Pakistan and feeding of militants from across the border. The Minister said during the meeting with Holbrooke, the issues of war against terror, military operation in Swat, Malakand and other areas and US cooperation in different fields were discussed in detail. He said forthcoming visit of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Pakistan was also discussed during the meeting. He said he proposed that the fourth round of Pak-US strategic dialogue process would be started on the visit of Hillary Clinton to Pakistan. The legislation on Kerry-Lugar Bill and issue of early legislation for Reconstruction Opportunity Zones in Fata were also discussed in the meeting and both the countries agreed to expedite the process on these important issues. The forthcoming meeting of Friends of Democratic Pakistan being held in New York was also discussed in the meeting.