ISLAMABAD - The ongoing drive against the sugar hoarders is not going to yield the desired results, as there are some serious flaws which question the authenticity of the entire process. A number of traders and sugar dealers who talked to TheNation said that the whole exercise against sugar hoarders was useless unless the quantity of sugar recovered from them was sold in the open market. The traders community in Rawalpindi and Lahore is of the view that the sugar recovered from the possession of hoarders must be sold in the open market, that would not only reduce the price of the edible item but would also give substantial relief to the common people ahead of Ramazan. Sources in Punjab Food Department confided to this correspondent that they had been instructed by the Punjab government not to 'bother those hoarders who voluntarily gave information about their dumped stocks of sugar. The sources further said that the provincial government was encouraging the sugar mills owners and dealers to voluntarily disclose to the government their sugar godowns and in return, they would be given free hand to set the sale price of the sugar according to their own will. The hoarders are asked to uncover the hoarded commodity and they would be free to sell the sugar at any price they want to, food officials mentioned adding that they were continuously pressed by some MNAs from Punjab belonging to the ruling party not to tighten the noose against those sugar mills owners who were 'cooperating in that regard. Declare your stock and you would be free to sell sugar at on any price you wish to is the deal between the government and the hoarders, mentioned the officials. The sugar traders and wholesalers have slammed this policy saying it would further increase the price of sugar. Currently, sugar is being sold at Rs 53 per kilogram, while the traders apprehend that the prices would shoot up to Rs 60 to Rs 65 per kg due to the said policy of allowing the hoarders to sell the sugar at their will. A prominent wholesaler, wishing not to be named, said that the practice of giving a free hand to hoarders would increase the price of sugar manifolds. The hoarders dump their stock to create artificial shortage of sugar in order to increase its price and get maximum profits. If the government is facilitating these hoarders by allowing them to sell sugar at their sweet will, whats the point in launching this crackdown? he asked and suggested that the sugar must be sold in open market for price reduction and elimination of sugar dumping.