KARACHI - The extra-judicial killing of Abdul Rehman Baloch will be brought to Senate, said Senator Ismail Buledi, central leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) while talking to the media representatives on Sunday when he condoled with the family of Abdul Rehman, who was killed in mysterious encounter by police last week. The JUI leader from Balochistan termed the killing of Abdul Rehman as the continuation of killing of the Baloch people across the country. He also declared the murder of Rehman Dakait as extra-judicial killing. Buledi said that he would take up Rehmans killing in Senate in the upcoming session and record his protest against killings of Baloch people, particularly those have been victimised in Balochistan and Karachi. He appealed for the judicial inquiry of Rehmans killing and urged the government to probe the matter through neutral investigation committee. He said that if it was any crime against him, it must have been produced before the court for the judicial trial, while the law enforcers have no right to take the justice in their hands by killing people in false encounters. While criticising the announcement of reward money for the police team by Governor of Sindh, following the killing of Rehman Baloch, he said that without the confirmation of the encounter, in which Rehman along with his three other men were killed, the governor should have not announced reward. Such attitude of the provincial government has shown the anti-Baloch approach of the rulers. He said that Rehman had rendered a lot of services for the welfare and volunteer works in the old localities of Karachi, particularly in Lyari and Malir. But the establishment did not tolerate his positive role and wanted to remove him from their way as they considered him a big hurdle. He said that if Rehman were a criminal or a bad character parson, the people from different parts of the city would not have come out to condemn his killing. He said that since the formation of Pakistan People Party (PPP), Lyari has been its dominated area, but the silence of PPP led government was shameful as not a single statement from the party leader was published. The police still have the authority to kill Liyariites and Balochs without any justification. On the occasion, Rauf Sasoli, Central Secretary of Jamhori Water Party (JWP) told that it was shameful that the police officials had been promoted, who killed Baloch people in fake encounters. Meanwhile, the PPP workers and Peoples Aman Committee took out rally and staged protest agitation outside Karachi Press Club. The participants from different parts of the city assembled at KPC, carrying PPP placards chanted slogans against the police and the killing of Rehman Baloch. They demanded to probe the alleged encounter by the high level committee.