ISLAMABAD - PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif has urged the US Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke to support Pakistans efforts to finalize a Free Trade Agreement with the US and to encourage greater American investment especially in Pakistans energy and power sectors. He made these remarks while talking to the US special envoy who called on PML-N leader Sunday here at the Punjab House. Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Opposition Leader in National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Senator Ishaq Dar and former ambassador Tariq Fatmi were also present on the occasion. PML-N leader said that the US investment in both these sectors (power and energy) would have a direct bearing on countrys economy, as well as the peoples well being. PML-N Quaid also called upon the US Administration to play an effective role in resumption of composite dialogue between Pakistan and India and resolution of Kashmir dispute for lasting peace in the region. PML-N Quaid said that the aid packages were only stopgap arrangements that had no lasting impact on recipient countrys economy whereas greater trade and foreign investment help in strengthening its economy and generating in it employment opportunities and reducing the likelihood of youth turning towards militancy and extremism. He referred especially to the need for the Obama administration to finalize the understandings envisaged in the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement, as well as for early approval by the US Congress of the legislation relating to the Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs). PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif said his party wanted annulment of 17th Amendment from the Constitution adding his party had handed over the drafts to the government for undoing the said amendment and introducing 18th Amendment. We are also eager for implementation of Charter of Democracy, he remarked. The way Pakistan army had conducted successful operation against the extremists in Swat was appreciable, he maintained. The US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke assured the former prime minister that the US viewed Pakistan as an extremely important country that deserved the help and assistance of the entire international community in its efforts to confront militancy and to strengthen the economy. He reiterated that the Obama administration and the US Congress were also committed to supporting Pakistan and developing its institutions on long-term basis. He also pointed out that Pakistans government was sovereign and free in taking decisions with respect to national security and emphasised that the US had no intention to dictate its terms to Pakistan. Richard Holbrooke maintained that his country wanted supremacy of democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan. Fortification of democracy was symbol of a strong Pakistan, he added. Holbrooke also said that Pakistan Army had completed operation against the extremists in Swat successfully, which was laudable. The US, he said, would continue to play its role for rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and reconstruction of the areas affected in operation against the militants. Online/APP/Reuters/APP add: In the meeting, Holbrooke said that former President Pervez Musharraf is history now and his country will not create any hurdle in Musharraf's trial by the Pakistani Parliament. Pervez Musharraf has become part of history. US will never support him. Parliament has every right to put him to trial on his actions. US will never create any hurdle in this respect, Holbrooke said. Well-placed sources told Online that Holbrooke told Nawaz Sharif that his country wanted supremacy of democracy in Pakistan. Fortification of democracy was symbol of a strong Pakistan, he added. Earlier, Holbrooke said that widening distance from Nawaz Sharif would hamper the interests of US, as he is a popular leader in Pakistan. He said it is not the job of US to tell Pakistan to launch operation in Waziristan and added that it is up to the Pakistani leadership to decide when and what it wants to do about it. Talking to reporters on board the plane, before landing at Islamabad Airport, Holbrooke said his meetings with Pakistani leadership would be focused on how to overcome the power shortage in the country. Holbrooke said a task force led by Marry Bethman had been set up to find ways to help resolve the issue of electricity shortage in Pakistan...People of Pakistan are suffering because of power loadshedding and we got to help them, he added. He said Pakistan was neglected as compared to Afghanistan after 9/11 incident by the international community and whatever needed was not done in the power sector in Pakistan. And now, since we have a little breathing space as far as security situation is concerned, it is time for us to focus on other important issues like power crisis, he added. I cannot tell whether the Taliban were destroyed or dispersed as a result of this operation until I go myself over there and talk to the people on ground but one thing was quite obvious that security forces regained Swat and Buner from Taliban which itself was very significant, he added. He said the political situation here had been improved significantly, as on March 15 the PML-N was at odds with the government when it held long march. He said Nawaz Sharif had come out with strong statements against Taliban. Nawaz is a popular leader and his party is ruling the largest province of Punjab thats why I believe that distancing from Nawaz will not be in the interest of the US. Heavy rain forced Holbrooke to postpone a trip to the Swat Valley, where hundreds of thousands of refugees have begun to return after the military declared in July that it had ended Taliban control of the area, a US Embassy official said on condition of anonymity, citing policy.