KARACHI - In the aftermath of a crackdown against sugar hoarders, Sindh government and City District Government of Karachi have asked the wholesalers traders of sugar to supply the white sweetener at Rs48-per kg while the retail price of the commodity should be Rs50-per kg. The traders and mills owners have limited the supply of white sweetener in market, resulting in highest ever increase in the prices of commodity to Rs54-per kg at retail market in the country. While, the shortage of commodity in wholesale market also been reported in the country. The artificial shortage of commodity has caused heated debate in Lower House of the Parliament, where treasury and opposition benches levelled allegations against each other for hoarding. Due to debate in National Assembly and crackdown against the hoarders mafia in Punjab, the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Sunday directed the concerned administration to take action against the traders involved in the hoarding in the province. Sindh CM has also issued directives for ensuring supply of the sugar in market at reasonable price. Meanwhile, a sugar broker Haji Siddique told The Nation that CDGK conducted a meeting of wholesalers, sugar traders and sugar brokers to ensure the smooth supply of commodity on reasonable price in the City. The CDGK officials issued directives to the concerned stakeholders to supply sugar at the price of Rs48 per kg and Rs50 per kg in wholesale and retail markets respectively, he confirmed, adding that CDGK also instructed for smooth supply of commodity during the holy month of Ramadan. Dispelling the impression of shortage of sugar, Siddique said that sufficient stocks were available with the traders, markets and private sector. If smooth supply of sugar continued, the sugar brokers will supply the commodity without any disruption, he said, adding that CDGK has also sealed various shops in City to make sure the availability of the commodity. He further said that sugar brokers would start supplying commodity at Rs48 per kg to wholesalers, while the CDGK officials had also assured in the meeting that seals of the sugar stocks would be opened on Monday. Meanwhile, Chairman Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PASMA) Sindh chapter, Chaudhry Wajid Arain, while talking to The Nation dispelled the notion of shortage of the sugar in country. He pointed out that at least 1.2 million tons stocks of white sweetener are available with the Mills, TCP and private sector, which is sufficient to fulfil the consumption needs of the country till arrival of production of next season in November. He attributed the governments decision of importing the commodity behind history-making hike in the prices of sugar in the country and said that government imported the white sweetener above than the price in domestic market, which resulted in the hike of sugar prices. Arain claimed that outsiders from private sector also jumped in the sugar business and purchased commodity in massive quantity to mint money through hoarding of sugar. He said that the ex-mill rate of the commodity had reached Rs48 per kg and predicted that ex-mill price likely will remain at this stage. PASMA leader held responsible the government which did not take action against the elements who created gap of over rupees seven in ex-mill and retail price of sugar. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Federal Minister for Production has convened a meeting of Sugar Mills body PSMA and other stakeholders on Monday regarding to make sure availability of commodity at reasonable price in domestic market.