LAHORE - Federal Minister for Industries Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo has said the sugar crisis would be over within the next few days as the government has planned to sell 441,000 tons of sugar through Utility Stores Corporation (USC) at Rs38 per kg. He was addressing a news conference at NFC House here on Sunday. Profiteering, hoarding or all other forms of unfair earnings would not be allowed as the government is sincere and fully watchful to all such acts, he said. The minister while presenting the details of the government steps to overcome sugar shortage said that TCP has a stock of 216,000 tons sugar while a consignment of 50,000 ton of imported sugar would reach the country within next 10-15 days. Moreover, tenders have been invited for the import of 75,000 tons sugar and a decision has also been made to further import 100,000 tons sugar. He said that the government has also decided to allow import of 300,000 ton raw-sugar to the sugar mills at first stage of a plan under which one million ton raw-sugar would be imported. This raw sugar will be refined by the local mills for selling it to public and to overcome shortage of the commodity in the country, he added. He said that the governments of Punjab and NWFP have launched crackdown against the hoarders to recover sugar, in line with the direction of federal government, which is a good initiative. He said that some millers were resisting delivery of sugar to Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) despite getting payments as a result the government has to help TCP in recovery of the stock. He said that Utility Store Corporation has been directed to use National Logistic Cell (NLC) instead of private trucks for transportation of its goods to avoid any malpractice or corruption during transportation process. He said that the government will not tolerate any leakage in the subsidies and benefits it want to provide to the citizens. He said the government has already announced a subsidy package of Rs2.10 billion to provide essential items on reduced rates through Utility Stores Corporation under Ramazan Package. This includes Rs 980 million subsidy on the sugar only, he added. This is in addition to the subsidy of Rs1 billion which USC has provided to the consumers through better negotiations with the suppliers. Like Urea fertilizer issue, the sugar crises would be controlled on a permanent basis. He said that the sugar mills have assured him that they would not discourage sugarcane growers next time as a result there would be no shortage of the commodity next time.