LAHORE - Accusing the federal government for creating sugar crisis in the country, PML-Q rebel leader Humayun Akhtar Khan has said that Federal Minister Mian Manzoor Wattoo and Minister of State Ayat Ullah Durranis baseless allegations are a clear effort to divert attention from the impending sugar crisis by politicising and scandalizing it. He refuted all the charges levelled against him and warned of suing the minister concerned. Addressing the news conference held at his residence on Sunday, he said the government was responsible of the mess; as it had failed take appropriate steps to strike a balance between demand and supply of sugar. Humayun said he was neither a shareholder nor a director or an office bearer in any sugar mill in Pakistan. But he accepted the fact that the Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited (TSML) was partially owned by his brothers. Under an old established policy of the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP), it lifts the surplus stocks periodically from the sugar mills. These stocks are then owned by the corporation, but are stored in the mills that they have been purchased from. The timing and quantity of such stock to be lifted and brought to the market is the total discretion of the TCP and the Government of Pakistan, he added. He said currently there is 240,000 tons of sugar owned by the TCP lying in various sugar mills in Sindh and Punjab. Refuting the claim that he was holding 78000 tons of sugar, he claimed that the government had been lifting the stock from Tandlianwala Sugar Mills without any hindrance. He said the federal government was responsible for the current hike in sugar prices, as it had barred import of 300,000 tons of raw sugar in last November and 400,000 tons of refined sugar earlier this year in March. If sugar had been imported at that time it would have cost the Government 450 dollars per ton. Now the international price has jumped up to 600 dollars, he added. Drawing similarities with the Urea crisis, he said in that case too, fertilizer was imported at a much higher price and sold through the utility stores. It caused huge loss to the poor farmers and the Ministry of Industries was singularly responsible for it. He suggested the politicians and ministers to avoid mudslinging and character assassination. Talking about reconciliation with Chaudhry brothers, he said no front or back channel was being used to contact them, as they had no desire to do so. Replying to a query, he said PML-Qs general council meeting would be convened soon.