NEW YORK - President of the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association Ali Ahmad Kurd has said the lawyers movement had given a decisive blow to dictatorship and no one would dare to take that path again. We defeated a mindset, not just General (r) Pervez Musharraf, he told a public meeting on Saturday night in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City where Pakistanis are concentrated. The lawyers movement have taught a lesson to everyone, and no one will ever think about becoming a dictator. No dictator will now try to raise his head. As a result, Kurd said Pakistan was undergoing a revolutionary change which was unstoppable. Over the past 62 years, he said a fragile judiciary was functioning that always validated orders of military rulers. That situation, he said, has now changed under the leadership of Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. This is new Pakistan. The lawyers movement leader said the country has entered a new phase after the latest Supreme Courts verdict, where the rule of law will prevail and no dictator would dare to abrogate the constitution. Kurd said that Parliament only had to invoke Article 6 of the Constitution, and any one violating its provisions would be dealt with accordingly. He added, For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the people feel empowered, as a consequence of the lawyers movement which culminated in the reinstatement of the judges dismissed by Musharraf. The movement, according to him, made another contribution: No one knew about the constitution and now it is the peoples favourite topic. Kurd said that it only requires one man to stand up with courage to bring revolutionary changes to the society, and the world has now seen that the lawyers struggle in the country did not go in vain. We are proud of being the black coats and wearing the black tie; our struggle led to radical changes, he said, adding that the landmark decision of the Supreme court was the result of the combined struggle of the media, civil society and those lawyers who sacrificed their lives during the two-year lawyers movement. Kurd also paid tribute to the dedication and struggle of the lawyers, saying that they proved that they would not bow down to tyrants but would rather sacrifice their lives for the cause of an independent judiciary. The Pakistani citizen, he said, would get justice from now on, and that lawyers would continue to confront all tyrants and authoritarian forces. He paid tributes to Pakistans electronic and print media for their steadfast support to the movement, asserting that without medias support, the movement could not have been such a big success. Barrister Afzal Hussain of Islamabad and Muhammad Haroon of Karachi were among a large number of speakers who delivered speeches before the keynote speaker was invited to address the gathering. With the hour becoming late, there was some unrest in the audience over the delay in calling Kurd to the stage.