1) Thousands of sugar bags have been recovered but the price of sugar would still remain the same. Hoarders would not be punished because they are influential people. 2) The rulers tell us don't do what we do but do what we tell you to do. Our Prophet (PBUH) used to first do things himself than asked other people to do them. 3) Too much sugar becomes poison. The President is the President of 16 crore people. He should not fall for the treacle sweet party propaganda. 4) August 14 is Independence Day or the birthday of Pakistan. I request our intellectuals to hear the speech of Lord Mountbatten delivered by him on the radio on the night of 13/14 in which he gave independence to India and created Pakistan. 5) The public is told to save electricity, use one bulb and one fan but then millions of bulbs are used to illuminate VVIP buildings for three days to celebrate the Independence Day in Islamabad and other main cities. Where did that electricity come from? 6) After partition, the Jinnah cap was made an essential part of our national dress. Now it has been replaced by the multi-coloured Sindhi cap. I would like to know who and why designed this? 7) The CSD flashed news on TV that they have brought down prices of all commodities because of Ramazan. Yes, sugar, which was selling at Rs 41 per kg ten days ago today costs Rs 55. 8) I have two male two female servants in the house and they must fight daily whenever they are together in the kitchen. I go to club every Saturday and we five oldies never agree on anything. I wonder how our Prime Minister makes dozens of his ministers agree to anything. 9) The popularity graph of Mian brothers, Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif, is going up and up but it's a pity that some of their MPAs and MNAs are misbehaving, they must be gotten rid of, otherwise PML(N) will lose public sympathy. -COL (Retd) R.M. AKHTAR, Lahore, via e-mail, August 15.