BUCKINGHAMSHIRE - The Pakistani community at the University of Buckingham celebrated their Independence Day on August14. Though having a small number of Pakistanis, the students celebrated the day in a truly patriotic way while enjoying food, games and music on the occasion. The students with the help of the student union managed to arrange a sound system, which played all the famous Pakistani tunes. The students also cooked traditional Pakistani food such as Chicken Biryani and Chicken Qorma, says a Press release received here Sunday. It was a fun-filled afternoon; which made all the students feel a bit closer to home. After hoisting the Pakistani flag to the tune of the national anthem, there was a small cricket match as well before calling it a day. Buckingham has a very unique student body where only 36 per cent of the students are British and the rest are international students. The University does well to cater to all the needs of the different nationalities and support them in any sort of cultural celebrations. Being the only independent University in the UK, Buckingham offers a two-year degree. It has been ranked the highest in the national student survey for the past three years and has a good student-to-staff ratio as well. Although the people were from different regions in Pakistan, it was a nice sight to see all of them come together for this day. In a difficult time for the country, the students still managed to have a good time with some laughs and friendly humour.