General Musharraf might still have hope for a better world. Completely oblivious of the fact that his opponents are baying for his blood, with the nation supporting demands for his trial for abrogating the Constitution and illegally detaining judges, he is enjoying life half the world away from home. Living in exile, it's only his freewheeling lifestyle that keeps him from experiencing the feelings of a refugee having an uncertain future in his own country. A story has it that Musharraf spent the last week cruising the Italian and French Rivieras along with a journalist friend from Pakistan, a tile king and a retired brigadier, the latter two related to each other, all joining the generalissimo-no-more on a round-the-Europe holiday trip. Days after having his Chief Security Officer, once a fellow khaki, withdrawn, the friends 'in need' might have helped him overcome a feeling of banishment and guilt. * * * * * * * * * * * * Last week it was a grand occasion at Governor's House, Lahore. Shahbaz Taseer got engaged to the daughter of a senior bureaucrat, once known for brown-nosing the Raiwind Royalty to become the Punjab Chief Secretary. Governor Taseer, true to his style, celebrated the occasion in a regal way. The Guv's hospitality blossom bloomed when the guests coming from across the country were received, regaled and wined and dined.