ISLAMABAD The establishment of the Armys Flood Relief Fund is another blow to the already credibility-tainted Federal Government, which is being looked upon with suspicion by the donors from both within the country and abroad regarding the fair handling of the donations for the flood victims. The messages on cell phones have been coming for the last few days from various sources asking the people to donate in the Armys Flood Relief Fund and also an account number of Askari Commercial Bank GHQ Branch Rawalpindi was given where the donations could be made. During the visit to the Askari Bank it was confirmed that donations for the flood victims were being taken in the account number 0028010121825 in Askari Commercial Bank Limited, GHQ Branch, Rawalpindi. When asked for comment on the said move of the Armed Forces, an official in Federal Government on condition of anonymity said that in the presence of the Prime Ministers Flood Relief Fund, there was no need to establish another fund by one of the component departments. Sources in the Federal Government said that establishment of the Flood Relief Fund and launch of the campaign for securing funds for it through cell phone messages tantamount to be a no-trust on what is being done by the Federal Government for flood affected people. Sources further said that Pakistan Peoples Party-led coalition Government had already committed a grave mistake by establishing a commission comprising the people of impeccable character and integrity for collection of donations and its judicious disbursement and in a way conceding that the incumbent Governments integrity and fairness in handing such affairs is doubtful. Sources further said that establishment of their own Flood Relief Fund by the Armed Forces of Pakistan has also tacitly given the same message that all those, who have no trust in the integrity and fairness of the Government, should come and donate to the Pakistan Army to judiciously spend their donations for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims across the country.