ISLAMABAD International badminton coach Raziuddin Ahmad on Monday viewed that the tug of war among the federations officials might hurt the game (badminton) in the country, which has already been at the lowest ebb. While talking to TheNation from London, he said that it was sad that personal interests and likes and dislikes were calling shots in the Pakistan Badminton Federation (PBF). He suggested that in order to overcome the situation, joint efforts should be made for promotion of the game in the country instead of blaming each other. I do not intend to recall the past history marked with parallel federations in 1982 when most of the talent destroyed for 20 years due to ambitions for being in power, he said. It has become a norm of the day that our petty sports politicians, who enjoy the support of current government are being misled. Owing to lack of knowledge of game the high profile officials always are no more than rolling stone between the clever and tricky people, who just want to get incentives from them, he said. Razi further said that the President PBF sacked secretary and Senior Vice President of the federation. Now, constitutionally president could not call any meeting, he could suggest to the secretary and if secretary was not obeying to do so then president must have a two-third majority of the affiliated units, which he does not have at the moment, he said. Under these circumstances the game will be pushed into disaster for another decade, he regretted. I request them to stop fighting, still, we have enough time to settle the issues with consensus to save the future of the game, pleaded Raziuddin Ahmad. Dialogues are the best solution. The constitution should strictly be followed to save the game otherwise it would end in a mess and the badminton will be the ultimate sufferer, he concluded.