LAHORE - The shopkeepers and private flour dealers are trying to mar the process of relief efforts of the government as the shopkeepers in Punjab have started to sell the flour bags of 20-kg at Rs 480 instead of Rs 425 fixed by the government for the month of Ramazan, TheNation learnt on Monday. The Punjab government has set the price of flour bags of 10-kg and 20-kg at Rs 200 and 425 respectively in the holy month of Ramazan for providing relief to the masses. The flour millers of Punjab are also being provided with subsidised wheat by the government with a direction to supply the flour bags to masses on rates fixed by the government. As sources privy to the flour millers told this scribe that a section of shopkeepers in different cities and areas of the province are selling the flour bag of 20-kg at Rs 480 despite the printing stamp of the government on the flour bags. Sources claimed that Multan, Faisalabad and Okara are such cities of the Punjab where the violation of the government orders regarding the prices of the flour bags occurred. They said the mafia working to mar the relief efforts of the government regarding the prices of the flour bags, should be nabbed and punished forthwith for not providing the relief package to the people of Punjab. When contacted some flour millers to confirm the reports of violation, they unanimously said the supply of flour bags would be stopped to those areas where the mafia in the form of shopkeepers was working against the interests of the government and the eaters. One of them Sufi Bilal responded that violation of price of flour bag of 20-kg have been received from the flour millers of Multan District so far. Punjab Food Secretary Irfan Elahi responded that it is the duty of the price control magistrates and the district coordination officers to put a strict check on the prices therefore, the DCOs of all the districts of Punjab should personally check the matter of the overcharging on the sale of flour bags and ensure foolproof supply of flour bags to the masses.