In just one week preceding Indias Independence Day, the death toll in Indian-held Kashmir reached 70. This underscores the tyranny of Indian forces against hapless Muslims of the Valley. The Indian-administered Kashmir has been rocked for months now. The 70 killed this week included children, old men and women that all died of gunshots. Every death has, naturally, fueled the Kashmiri anger, bringing tens of thousands of incensed people out on streets which have then braved bullets of the increasingly desensitized security forces with matching ferocity. That is how the vicious cycle keeps propelling and the governments in Srinagar and New Delhi seem to have no idea how to stop it. As the New York Times put it in a special report this week, the unrest in Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir poses for the 'worlds largest democracy potentially more dangerous problems than the insurgency it had confronted in the 1990s. India might have won the battle against pro-Pakistan militants but the larger war it is fighting in Kashmir is being lost every passing day. After months of bumbling in Srinagar and a truly deafening silence in New Delhieven as young Kashmiris die on a daily basisPrime Minister Manmohan Singh has offered autonomy and has seen it being rejected swiftly. Strange that in a country of over a 1000 million, not a single soul can talk sense, peace or democracy. How long would the so-called followers of Ahinsa keep killing innocent people? -DILJEET SINGH MAJITHIA, Calgary, August 16.