MINGORA Electricity supply could not be restored in Swat even after 20 days resulting in blackouts at the times of both Sehar and Iftar. Taking advantage of flashfloods and other war damages, the shopkeepers are looting the innocent people by selling generators at very high prices. Subsequently, the generator mechanics have also doubled their rates for repairing the said commodity. Wapda has failed to restore the power supply in the area for 20 days. As a result, the people are forced to do their Aftari and Sehri in blackout. Similarly, people take ablution at rivers and pools and offer prayers after taking spiritual ablution. The demand of generator has increased due to power outage & number of people are witnessed at shops purchasing generators to fulfil their needs. The areas, where Sui gas is being supplied, are satisfactorily running their generators through gas but the people in the hilly areas are using petrol for this purpose with an average cost of Rs500 per night but, unfortunately, there is no work in progress for the restoration of electricity.