LAHORE Amid strong allegations of massive corruption and inefficiency in Indian establishment, the fate of 19th Commonwealth Games 2010, is hanging in balance as New Delhi has badly failed to build even basic games-related infrastructure like main stadium, swimming pool and other sports venues on time to satisfy the international observers. With about one and half month to go, India has failed to meet the deadlines for the completion of basic infrastructure, according to the prescribed standard despite repeated warnings by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CWG). The problems seem to be increasing for the CWG with the each passing day. Around 10 CWG construction sites have been found to be dengue-prone by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). International observers believed that it was 'reasonable to conclude that the current situation posed a serious risk to the Commonwealth Games in 2010 in India. Reports indicate that by the end of June 2010, work on the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (the main stadium), the swimming pool and other venues was still overdue. 'The international observers are still waiting for the completion of basic infrastructure to carry out tests when the time is running out, a UK-based observer commented. Not enough, other games-related infrastructure, like roads, bridges and hotels were also behind time. Additionally, the promise to generate surplus power by 2010 in readiness for the CWG has also fallen by the wayside with daily power cuts in Delhi. A recent Indian government report found that 13 of 19 venues are between 30 per cent and 50 per cent behind schedule. 'They are so far behind the schedule that some of them may be a disaster in the making if rushed through, the report maintained. According to the Delhi based experts, the Indian establishment has recently suggested the Prime Minister that he should come out, without wasting any more time, and announce that 'under present economic situation, the country would be better off without the games and the money that was being spent on building these white elephants would be utilised to build homes for the poor and the beggars, often proved to be an eyesore for the visitors. Hurling allegations of corruption and inefficiency on one another in Indian establishment is also part of the agenda to quietly get rid of hosting the 2010 Commonwealth Games, defence experts added. Sources said that New Delhi is helpless to ensure security to the hundreds of thousands of expected visitors at a time when a major portion of the armed forces has got trapped in 14 insurgency-hit Naxal states to crush Maoists movement, fighting for independence since decades. After the deployment of hundreds of thousands of troops in the Indian Kashmir (IHK) to control otherwise, unarmed civilian protests the Indian army has expressed its unwillingness to provide security cover to the international guests, players and member states representatives. World observers believe that Indias Capital City is not ready in time to host the next edition of the games and that it would embarrass the Federation and the world during the happenings in this City. 'Indias Capital, which is to host the games in October, is a complete mess. Almost every major road is dug up or blocked. Putting the lives of the visitors at risk, the builders also used substandard material in infrastructure building for giving the entire City a 'uniform experience, another observer said in his report. The CGF observers believe that there is no time left to test everything to ensure world-class experience, as the civil work has not been completed. Meanwhile, President of the General Association of National Sports Federations (GANSF) has expressed serious concern over the poor construction of stadiums for the Commonwealth Games.