ISLAMABAD In order to fulfil the expected shortfall of sugar due to heavy floods, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of Cabinet would decide in December about the quantum of raw sugar to import, as the effect of floods on sugarcane crop is not clear yet. This was decided in the Ministerial Committee set up by the ECC on sugar. Federal Minister for Industries and Production Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani chaired the Ministerial Committee meeting here on Monday. As the floods have damaged the sugarcane crop, therefore the meeting was informed that raw sugar could either be imported at the beginning or at the end of the crushing season to meet the expected shortage of sugar in the country. However, the meeting decided that best option would be to make a decision in forthcoming December about the quantum of raw sugar import at the end of the crushing season when the effect of floods on sugarcane crop would be clear. Sources informed TheNation that meeting was informed around 5 to 10 percent crop was affected so far due to the heavy floods and final figures would come after the end of floods. The meeting also decided that private sector would import the sugar at zero rated duty from the next season, instead of Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP). Moreover it was not possible for the new sugar to enter the market before December 1, 2010 and supplement old stocks and as such 1.2 million tons of sugar import will be continued as planned. The Chairman TCP clarified that 349,188 MT white sugar had reached the country. 81,000 MT more sugar will arrive in August and 74,000 MT would arrive in September while 30,000 MT in October and November. The meeting expressed satisfaction over the sugar reserves that were comfortably positioned for Ramazan. The meeting was attended by the Federal Ministers for Food and Agriculture, Science and Technology, Petroleum and Natural Resources and Commerce, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, Federal Secretaries for Industries and Production, Commerce, Food and Agriculture. Representatives of Federal Board of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Cane Commissioner MINFA, Senior representative of State Bank of Pakistan, Chairman TCP, Managing Director USC and representatives of PSMA and the provincial chapters.