People of Pakistan have lost trust in their leaders. Our present rulers have swindled us so much in the past on various occasionssometimes in the name of Karz Uttaro Mulk Sanwaro, on other occasions through seizure of Foreign Currency Accountsthat people have simply no faith in them. In the recent past, people have stood up on all such occasions and done more than their capacity. Women have donated their jewelry on appeals from the rulers to help the country out of the problem at hand. But the rulers have always cheated the nation. Small wonder this time people are hesitant to donate. Imagine the height of lack of confidence that about two weeks have passed since Prime Minister of the country appealed to the nation to donate for the flood affectees and a very meager amount has been reportedly deposited in the bank account he had assigned for aid. Even this amount is largely made up of donations from people close to the PM or deductions made by government from salaries of its own employees. The apathy of the nation is caused by old deeds of the rulers themselves. They simply cannot account for the frauds they have committed in the past. -MAHMOOD UL HASSAN MAHMOOD, August 14.