ISLAMABAD Pressure will be mounted on Pakistan to open up a military front in North Waziristan Agency after coming Eid, once the floodwater subsides, it is learnt. The floods played havoc in the most parts of the country and they have somehow provided Pakistan a respite from the ever-growing US pressure to wage military offensive in NWA. However, this 'blessing in disguise would not last for a long time, as the moves are underway on part of the powerful Indo-US nexus to push Pakistan militarily into NWA in the days ahead. Discussion with informed circles indicate that Pakistan Army was under immense pressure to jump into NWA last month and there were strong reports suggesting that NWA operation was on the cards. The slow and gradual rise of aggressive statements from Washington against the presumed militants offshoots in Pakistan are seen as a forecast of the American pressure that would gain momentum in near future. Well aware of the fact that it is not an appropriate time to exert pressure on Pakistan for NWA offensive in the wake of international communitys support and sympathies for Pakistan, the US now sponsors a 'unique kind of concern regarding the spread of militancy in Pakistan. It is now worried about the 'eruption of militancy in the countrys flood-hit areas. This newly found US obsession follows the United Nations statements about the chances of 'outbreak of extremist elements in the same region. Currently, the US contributes over $61 million to Pakistan Initial Floods Emergency Response Plan (PIFERP) out of the required $460 million. The contributed amount makes only 13 percent of the required funds without any more pledges in the pipeline on part of the United States. The prevailing scenario is an apt reflection of last July when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Pakistan to announce superficial aid plans worth $500 million for Pakistans energy sector while Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan (PHRP) 2010 worth $537 million was funded at only 30 percent at that time. It was signalled to Pakistans military establishment by the US then that further funds would not be released unless the former opened up a military front in NWA. In a recent interview with NBC, General Petraeus was kind enough to recognise Pakistans contributions and sacrifices in the endless war on terror, but he did not give up levelling the traditional accusations that the militant sanctuaries were existing in Pakistan and that it needed to 'do more to combat them. Adding to it, Indian Premier Manmohan Singhs statement that the dialogue with Pakistan is not possible unless the country takes action against terrorists in its soil notifies what lies in store for Pakistan at the hands of Indo-US nexus once this floods is over.