KARACHI A lot of cricket events involving cricket teams of 18 towns and city governments own team have been put off for various reasons, TheNation learnt on Monday. Sources pointed out that since the departure of elected district government led by former city nazim Mustafa Kamal, the present government and town administrations are not taking interest in running these cricket teams on strong foundations due to which neither Inter-town Cricket Tournament is being organised nor salaries are being paid to selected cricketers and coaches of 18 towns teams. It is pertinent to note that the CDGKs own cricket team is yet to be selected and it would be possible only when Inter Cricket Tourney is held among the 18 towns cricket teams. The CDGK cricket team would be selected for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) first class cricket tournaments. All planning to run CDGK and 18 towns level cricket teams is in the jeopardy due to lack of interest of high officials of the city government and town administrations. Sources disclosed that the hiatus in the cricketing activities was not due to the financial crisis but because of the fact that sports ranked low on the priority list of the officials. Local cricketers pointed out that no huge amount of money was needed to organise the events. Sources said that only Korangi town was paying regular salary to the members and coach of its cricket team. Other towns namely Bin Qasim town, Kemari town, Gadap town, Liaquatabad town, Malir town are not paying salaries to crickets and officials. When contacted, city government high officials said due to financial crisis in the city government, sporting activities were restricted.