SYED DANISH HUSSAIN & ISRAR AHMED ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI Terming their protest gathering as a token protest the lawyer community on Thursday threatened that if the government did not take effective measures for the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui from US detention, the lawyer community from every nook and corner of the country would march towards Islamabad. Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association Zulqarnain Naqvi stated this while addressing the protesters including representatives of Civil Society Action Committee, PASBAN, Khaksar Tehreek, lawyers and Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, who gathered here in front of the Parliament House to record their protest against the illegal detention of Dr Aafia Siddiqui. Zulqarnain Naqvi said if the government did not address this issue in a good manner then the masses would decide the fate of the incumbent government on roads. Addressing on the occasion Dr Siddiqui said that if there was real democracy in the country then there was no need to hold this protest, as in case of real democracy our rulers should stand in front of the US to save the daughter of the country. She alleged that government was not properly demanding the handing over of Dr Aafia to Pakistan from US otherwise Aafia would be among us within 72 hours. She said US had deferred the judgment in the case of Dr Aafia, as in case the jury delivered its verdict in the holy month of Ramazan against Aafia then it would agitate the masses in Pakistan. Amina Masood Janjua on the occasion said that recovery of missing persons case movement would get momentum as lawyers movement got in near past. She said, We dont give blame to US, as they from very first day were against Muslims but its our government who was responsible for missing persons. She said spy agencies sold the fertile brains of the country to US following the orders of dictator Pervez Musharraf and for some dollars. Earlier, the Paidal Caravan of some 20 lawyers, who started their journey on foot from Lahore to Islamabad on August 7 to express solidarity with the relatives of missing persons including daughter of the nation Dr Aafia Siddiqui, was given a tumultuous welcome by the lawyers upon their arrival at District Bar Association (DBA) here on Monday. The caravan, led by Lawyers and Civil Society Action Committee Chairman, was also joined by Dr Fauzia Siddiqui, the sister of US detainee Dr Aafia Siddiqui, Defense of Human Rights (DHR) Chairperson Amina Masood Janjua, relatives of missing persons and scores of lawyers and members of civil society. The protestors mostly belonged to PASBAN, Khaksar Tehreek, Janbaz and lawyers were holding placards, banners and wearing shirts mentioning Release Aafia and other slogans against government high ups and USA. Coward Pakistani Rulers, wear bangles in your wrists, Those who of Americas friends are actually traitors, Release all missing persons along with Dr Aafia Siddiqui, The war will continue till the release of last missing person, We have taken to roads to safe Aafia, join us, Down with coward Pakistani Rulers were the slogans chanted by enraged protestors at Kutcheri Chowk. DBA members showered rose petals on the participants of the Paidal Caravan as it proceeded to DBA Bar Room. Later, the caravan headed towards Islamabad while passing through Benazir Bhutto Road, where public welcomed the caravan by showering mounds of rose petals.