Pakistan received more aid pledges on Tuesday after concerns that money is not coming through fast enough to help 20 million people hit by unprecedented floods and stave off a second wave of death from disease. Torrential monsoon rain triggered catastrophic floods which have affected a fifth of the country, wiping out villages, rich farm land, infrastructure and killing an estimated 1,600 people in the nations worst ever natural disaster. The United Nations last week launched an immediate appeal for $460 million to cover the next 90 days and UN chief Ban Ki-moon visited Pakistan at the weekend, calling on the world to quicken its aid pledges. Officials now estimate that 35 per cent of the funds have been committed. Japan on Tuesday came forward to pledge an additional $10 million in emergency aid and Australia promised an extra $21.6 million. There are grave risks that the flooding will worsen Pakistans social circumstances but also its long-term economic circumstances will be potentially devastated, Australias Foreign Minister Stephen Smith told ABC Radio.State media in Saudi Arabia said the country had raised $20.5 million in aid on the first day of a national campaign for the Pakistani floods.