GEN David Petraeus, the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, has said that Osama Bin Laden is 'far buried in the remote mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but he has also said his capture is a key task. General Petraeus was giving an interview to an American TV channel, when he said that capturing Bin Laden was still a key task. The immediate question that arises is how General Petraeus knows where Bin Laden is. The USA, and not just General Petraeus or his command, has been searching for him ever since 9/11, but involving Pakistan in this seems solely to form part of the Pakistan-bashing that has become a staple of the American media, and forms that part of its policy influenced by India, and its hatred of Pakistan. Apart from his knowledge, or otherwise, of Bin Ladens whereabouts, General Petraeus should be well aware of the unrelenting procession of drone attacks that the USA has conducted on Pakistans tribal areas, in complete violation of its sovereignty. These attacks were supposed to target Bin Laden and his associates, but have resulted in an ever increasing tide of Pakistani civilian casualties. If General Petraeus does have actionable intelligence, he must share it, so that Bin Laden, the American excuse for the disturbance it has created in the Muslim world, not to mention the invasion of two Muslim countries, may indeed be killed or captured. Generl Petraeus has made other points, one related to the need to talk to the Taliban. His remarks make it seem that the USA is growing increasingly desperate, and is ready to talk to any Taliban, not just a selected group. However, there was no indication from him that Pakistan could engage in a similar dialogue. However, General Petraeus also was emphatic that the deadline set by President Obama for withdrawal of US troops, next year, was not an absolute. However, the Pakistan government should not rely on the USA remaining much longer in Afghanistan, and should revamp its policy accordingly.