PUNE (India) On a day when scientific research of batting achievements found that Don Bradman was the best and Virender Sehwag was greater than Sachin Tendulkar, the economist John Mangan who along with other expert Vani K Borooah conducted the research, emphasised that Tendulkar was not neglected. Speaking to this scribe, he said: Tendulkar is certainly not neglected. He comes in at number six for contribution to team score. No 11 for average adjusted all time scores and number 13 out for value adjusted average so this is all very impressive. The emphasis was on Bradman (only) and the research was made to see if Bradmans record would be affected by allowing for things like consistency, importance to an innings, who the opposition was etc. were taken into account, so we didnt concentrate on other great players such as Lara, Tendulkar. Ponting, he added. We only considered data up to 2006 (1877-2006) and therefore the more recent performances of Sachan Tendulkar were not included, he further added. John Mangan, however, admitted, What we could have done is to pay more attention to the number of Test matches played - some of the batsmen such as Kambli have played far less Tests and so may have got an advantage in statistics. My co-researcher (Vani K Borooah) is an avid Indian cricket fan so we were certainly not trying to reduce the achievements of Tendulkar. If we re-run the paper to take into account the 2007-2010 data he may go even higher in the rankings, he further added. Sachins ranking remains unchanged in table 4 and table 5 and this shows his great importance to the Indian team as a whole. In short I hope this clears up any suggestion that we were being critical of Tendulkar, to be ranked number 6 in the all time rankings is a great achievement, he said. With extensive academic, consultancy, editorial and 'expert opinion experience, John Mangan is a skilled economic modeller, and a leading researcher.