KARACHI - Despite of passage of the deadline, the Sindh government is yet to launch crackdown against sea-lords in Sindh for using of prohibited fishing nets. As per detail, the legal action could not be initiated by the Sindh fisheries ministry, as it announced last month. The provincial Minister for Fisheries and Livestock Zahid Burguri had announced that an operation would be launched on August 15 against the fishermen involved in illegal fishing nets but till now neither the government has started a crackdown nor initiated an awareness movement pertaining to catching fish from prohibited areas. The fisher community and the experts have showed their concerns over destruction of coastal resources in Sindh creeks, and demanded the government to take strict measure to save the marine lives. While issuing the last change to the mafias, the provincial minister had warned the fishermen and sea lord to obey the directive for not using the prohibited nets. The minister had warned that if any fisherman were found using prohibited nets, he would be dealt strictly. In the same way, the fishery ministry had also announced to launch an awareness campaign tilted save coastal resources in across the Sindh but so far no step was seen in this regard. Most of the fishermen even were not aware of the harmful consequences of use of prohibited nets. The harmful nets that uproot and destroy the fish habitats including juvenile fish species are being widely used in the creeks. The fisher experts urged the government to determine punish to the violators and deal with them with according to the law. Earlier, the provincial government had launched a campaign against the illegal fishing and seized 212 such nets. Of them 109 had been burnt in Karachi Fish Harbour, but afterward no such action was seen by the government. According to the Sindh fisheries department certain amendments made in the 1980 ordinance regarding classification and definition of prohibited nets. (Accordingly use of cod end with a mesh size of less than 1.5 in the cod end of the trawl net Gujja is totally banned in the creeks and provincial government territorial waters with immediate effect notwithstanding any condition to the contrary contained in the License issued under the said ordinance/ Act or Rules there under.) The ministry concerned has always accused sea-lords for exploiting the fishery resources by using destructive nets in the creeks, thereby destroying coastal resources and depriving small fishermen from their livelihood.