LAHORE - Acceleration in relief activities and rehabilitation of the disaster-hit people on war-footing basis is call of the all, as lives of millions of people are on the edge of absolute destruction if they do not get timely assistance. The challenge of meeting the demands of the victims of the most devastating flood in the history of country could not be tackled with the traditional approach of the government to address such an uphill task. International community, especially the western countries, which have pushed Pakistan time and again to fight their war on terror must come forward with all out resources to assist their most vital ally. The top leaderships of the mainstream political parties, which possess huge financial assets, should utilise their resources most generously to assist and rehabilitate the flood-hit people in order to establish their claim of love for the people of this country. Maintaining financial assets abroad by the leaders of major political parties is an open secret and the recent floods have provided them an opportunity to establish their sincerity with the people and to achieve this purpose they should utilise their personal financial assets both inside the country and abroad. Setting a personal example of sacrifice will not only motivate the local population to come forward for helping their brethren but also the international community. All the political forces should rise above their personal differences and ideologies to assist the disaster-stricken people with all out resources and stop indulging themselves in the game of political point scoring over this huge human tragedy. Instead of organising mere photo sessions and TV interviews at flood-hit areas, they should make joint efforts and coordinate their resources under a single umbrella to provide relief to the flood victims and to rehabilitate them on most immediate basis. Pakistan Army, following its golden traditions has done a tremendous job in rescuing the people from flood-hit areas and still continuing it with full zeal, as it has set up relief camps in the most difficult zones of the affectees. While, on the civilian front, Rescue 1122 is doing a good job to help the distressed people in the affected areas. At the same time some banned organisations, which did great job in rescuing and assisting the people in earthquake of 2005, are also taking very active part in providing relief to the flood-hit people. The mainstream political forces should also take serious steps to provide relief to the people and their rehabilitation on war-footing basis in order to strengthen their roots among the masses and to convert the country into a real welfare state.