With all the rain pouring down and going waste, the logical thing would be to build more storage reservoirs. But we dont want to build more reservoirs and in particular Kalabagh dam because of distrust. A parallel can be drawn to a man lying prostrate with thirst, unable to get up to fetch a glass of water from the nearby pitcher. A passerby offers to fetch him the life saving glass of water. The man refuses, fearing that the passerby will also drink a glass of water. Sindh will get an additional 2.2 million acre feet of water from Kalabagh dam, it should not grudge an equal amount to Punjab, which Punjab has agreed to by reducing its own share in favour of Sindh. Equal share for both despite Punjab having 70 percent of the total crop area of the country, and bearing 80 percent of the total agriculture load KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, August 10.