Seeing the recent happenings in Sindh and Karachi, one is dumb founded. Had William Shakespeare been alive, he would have written a script to leave behind any of his other plays. What we are witnessing in Sindh cannot be termed as tragic or comedy in his language. He would have invented something new in his vocabulary of stage dramas. A week we witnessed the Commissionerate system replacing the LG system and after a couple of weeks, a reverse gear was put in motion, and so on and so forth. It seems, it has become a childs play as PPP and the MQM want to amuse themselves in these hours of crisis, which are beyond their control. It seems they are not concerned with the welfare of state and people. The government must be complemented for its perseverance as it is continuing with its bad governance, thanks to their ill-equipped leaders having no sense of running the system and having no vision. One is reminded of a school time story. A dove laid eggs in her nest on a tree. As she had to go to search for her food, she asked a monkey to take care of her eggs. While away, a snake climbed the tree and ate the eggs. When the bird arrived back, she found the broken eggs and the dry shells. She protested to the monkey who said, 'forget about the eggs, just see me jumping from one branch to the other, see how smart I look in my activities and how good am in juggleries and crafting. What the government and its partners will be doing next is anybodys guess. However one thing is sure, it will be matching monkeys style. SALMAN BABAR, Lahore, August 9.