Mian Shahbaz Sharifs decision to produce 1000MW of electricity from bagasse from 45 sugarcane mills across the province shows his concern at the growing incidence of loadshedding. The step will help bridge the supply-and-demand gap and make up for the federal governments failure to do anything impressive, except for relying on rental power plants which has raised the tariff beyond the reach of the poor masses. Sugar mills in Punjab produce a large amount of bagasse and if it can be used to generate cheaper electricity, it will benefit economy. Mian Shahbaz also decided that rates of tariff will be fixed and a report presented to him within a week. But while Mian Shahbaz is finding such novel ways to produce electrify, it is also hoped that he will not ignore advocating the construction of Kalabagh Dam, which is the most important and vital project that can pull the country out of the power crisis.