OUR STAFF REPORTER FAISALABAD A man was gunned down by some armed members of rival sect in Mananwala 203/RB, a suburban area of Faisalabad, on Tuesday. As per reports, the victim, Adeel, a resident of Mananwala, had been running a mobile accessories shop in his area. A few days ago, he had a feud with Tariq, who belongs to Shia sect. Tariq nursed a grudge against Adeel and later, on Tuesday, he, along with some others, shot him (Adeel) dead. Afterwards, unrest simmered in the area as locals of the area came out to main road to protest the murder by placing the body of Adeel in the middle of Sheikhupura Road. The main road was blocked and police had to step in to quell the demonstration. Tear gas shells were fired while police party also resorted to aerial firing. The protesters repulsed the attack by lobbing stones at police officials. As a result, 200 elite force officials and armoured vehicles were called in. The six-hour stand-off at last came to an end, with one child fatally hurt by the force exerted by security officials on the protesters. The corpse was also taken into custody by the law enforcers. Until the filing of this report, Manassnwala village was under strict police cordon.