The Ministry for Railways is giving out press statements daily on how the government is not helping them and how they have to suffer. I thought the Railway Ministry was part of the Government and it was the job of the Ministry to maintain and improve railways in Pakistan. Rather than improving our railway system, the Ministry of Railway is involved in a number of scams involving purchase of equipment and trains. Interestingly the Minster of Railway Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour gives statements on how the government is destroying the Pakistani Railways, but then on his foreign visits he says that "Pakistan Railways has shown a strong commitment to establish the Afghan Railways Authority. Mr Minister we will all be very grateful to you if you could please just show a strong resolve to run the Pakistan Railways on time and in order. We would appreciate if you can at least purchase the diesel on time and supply it to your trains on time. I mean there is only a single line in Pakistan, having a dozen or so trains on it, and if the ministry cannot even manage them, then how can they dream about setting up the Afghan Railway authority. I guess in Pakistan people judge you not on your work, but how you day dream. CITIZEN OF PAKISTAN, Peshawar, august 4.