President Zardari on Monday has rightly called for expanding bilateral trade between China and Pakistan, while meeting a delegation of Chinese businessmen at Aiwan-e-Sadar in Islamabad on Monday. There does exist a tremendous potential for boosting economic partnership. If one takes a glance at the current volume of trade between the two countries, raised to $8.7 billion dollars in 2010 under the Free Trade Agreement, there is certainly reason for optimism. These figures testify to the time-tested friendship. In fact both the countries are at the moment striving to raise the bilateral trade to $15 billion by 2013. There are of course trade deficit issues, which can be addressed by increasing Pakistans exports to China. And to achieve that, the Pakistani business community must diversify its export base and try not to solely focus on Western markets but find a niche for their products in the Chinese market. Also a strong economic relationship can guarantee protection against shocks from the international capital market. One hopes that in the days to come, both the Pakistan and China will further enhance their economic partnership.