RAWALPINDI - The real test of Pakistan hockey potential will be determined when they take part in the mega events like Champions Trophy and Olympic Games to be held in Dec 2011 in Delhi and July 2012 in London respectively. These views were expressed by former Olympian Shahnaz Sheikh in an exclusive interview with TheNation here on Tuesday. He said: "My sincere wishes like other Pakistanis are with national team and I want to see green shirts finishing on podium as number one team of the world hockey. It is very painful for players of my era as in our playing days reaching finals of different tournaments was the order of the day, and even defeat in the final was not acceptable to the nation. But the present players are lucky enough as the nation is sleeping despite securing lowest positions which resulted in Pakistan hockey team ranking came down from top to 8th position, he said. The past unmatchable record set by former teams from 1948 to 2000 as period green shirts won 42 medals in mega events with 20 golds, 14 silvers and 8 bronze. Contrary to this for the last decade - 2000 to 2010 - which is the darkest period of Pakistan Hockey as the team has managed to win only six medals, out of these only one gold medal was won during these years that too in the Asian Games which were held in China, the other medals which the team has won during all these years are 01 silver and 4 bronze. "The major reason of this worst performance is just because of non- professional and non-technical people are handling the PHF affairs," he said and added that to set the goal for future we should understand the root causes of the deterioration of national hockey which lies on three elements, number one is elimination of hockey at grass roots level. The number two reason for hockey decline is invention of artificial turf, as the cost of each turf is around Rs 50 to 60 million along with a small stadium and maintenance, he said. Another thing which affected the sports quite deeply is the separation from education ministry otherwise sports were the integral part of the studies and special periods for sports activities were included in daily time table while now the sport is treated as a time wasting activity in Pakistani society and result is obvious, he maintained. During our playing days schools and colleges were the main source of providing pool of players with exceptional raw talent. Now most of the schools do not have their grounds for sporting activities, consequently indoor sports have taken over on outdoor activities and character building of new generation though sports has been effected badly, he stated. "I remember in our days the performance of principal/DPE was judged by the schools/colleges participation in sports activities, whereas at present the situation is quite different," he added. Here we made another big mistake and waited for the new turf and left playing on grassy grounds which resulted in available facilities was taken over by mafias, he added. Shahnaz said that there was still need to play hockey on grassy grounds until the new turfs are not being lay down and artificial turf should be laid down on those cities which are the hub of hockey. Last but not least lucrative incentives must also be provided to hockey players and their families like cricketers who are constantly providing hockey players to national team. He recalled that in 1984 Olympic Games about four to five players of the team were from hockey families as critics say before the departure team consisted of Olympians sons. But that team won the gold medal under the dynamic leadership of Manzoor Junior. That was the last Olympic hockey gold medal which we have won and after that we are still dreaming for Olympic hockey gold. Replying to a query about the chances of this squad he said that keeping in view the present performance specially in recent four nation Robo Cup and training tour where Pakistan were beaten by minnow teams like France and Belgium, as if Pakistan secure third position in the Champions Trophy then we have any hope of getting improved results in the London 2012 Olympic Games. He said the team management have to take some bold decisions like keeping senior players at least at this stage as the time is not appropriate, this decision should have been taken after Asian Games. The other problem of the team after conceding goals either on early part or in the dying moments of the game they go casual and they need to change this approach and adopt strategy to remain sustainable till last minute by avoiding unnecessary travelling with the ball, much sweeping of the ball and sit on ball for stoppage all these activities consumes more energy, he said. The inaugural Asian Hockey Championship is set to be held in China next month, like past all inaugural tournaments like World Cup, Champions Trophy, Asian Games, Junior World Cup and Asia Cup were won by Pakistan and I hope this present team will keep this unprecedented record alive. Last but not least the golden principal of attack and defence, the application of josh and hosh and hosh and josh is the big weapon for a balanced team, Shahnaz concluded.