ISLAMABAD - Former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Sardar Wazir Ahmad Khan Jogezai has held mandate of PPP-ruling coalition insufficient to deal with the mega constitutional matters. During an exclusive interview with TheNation over proposals for new provinces, he said, PPP-led ruling coalition has insufficient mandate to tackle with the mega constitutional issues and that, of course, include creation of new provinces. He strongly rejected ANP leader Afrasiyab Khattaks proposal to create a separate province in Balochistan for Pashtuns. I am a Pashtun and hail from family of Pakistans founders from Qillah Abdullah. For centuries Pashtuns and Balochs have been living in complete harmony .We respect great traditions of Balochs and all the recognised Baloch tribal heads accord similar respect to our traditions. Wazir Jogezai said, I do not understand why these political dwarfs are making restless efforts to open Pandoras box knowing they will sell nothing in this game. He said those who demand more provinces must return to their constituents and seek fresh mandate for the creation of separate provinces. He said demand for separate provinces on ethnic basis is a clear violation of the Constitution and Pakistan Resolution. Wazir Jogezai said, Real problem of Pakistan remains Karachis peace for which serious efforts have not been made to resolve the issue. He urged the government to address problem of deteriorating economic condition of the country. Our worry should be our economy and not political gimmickry, he added. He said the ruling coalition and PML-N-led government in Punjab have nothing to sell new slogans. There goes a rat race for new provinces and some politicians are running like rats in this race, he commented in a jolly mood.