LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Tuesday admitted to regular hearing a constitutional petition earlier moved against the creation of more provinces in Pakistan and has called for the reply to the petition from the federal and the provincial governments which have been enlisted as respondent to the plea. The petition has been filed by Malik Naeem which came up for hearing before the bench of Justice Sheikh Ahmad Farooq. The counsel for the petitioner giving arguments before the court last day submitted that the Constitution did not provide for creation of new provinces unless an amendment is carried out therein. And to that end it is mandatory that the Senate, National Assembly, and the provincial assemblies pass resolution with two-thirds majority to express will of the people. Advocate Zameer Hussain contended that the parliament and provincial assemblies do not have constitutional right under 239 to undertake the exercise for creating more provinces as such this provision of the Constitution bars the division of a province into one or more. The petitioner counsel further said that division of the provinces into more provinces for any consideration and purpose would also run against the spirit of Pakistan Resolution carried by Quiad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and others in 1940, which had debarred this exercise as a matter of protecting federation therefore more provinces would be contrary to the concept of federalism. As such, the petitioner contends that carving out more provinces from the existing number, would hit against the fundamental principles and amount to tampering with the federal system on which the basic structure of the state of Pakistan stands. The petitioner has prayed to the court for a direction to the respondents also including Speaker of the Assemblies, Senate Chairman, Chief Secretaries of the four provinces, from taking up any bill for the purpose of making more provinces in Pakistan. The petitioner has also shed light on the ills and damages attached to the creation of more provinces and said ethnicity, division on the basis of language and dialects, regionalism and parochialism would be promoted by creation of more provinces. The petitioner has also found the present law and situation in Sindh and Quetta an example of what the language based division could bring about. The court after hearing the petitioner counsel admitted the petition to regular hearing and issued notice to the respondents to seek within two weeks reply to the petition from them. Inquiry office of LHC opened: Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry Tuesday opened the second Inquiry Office of the Court on the side facing GPO Chowk on The Mall. The new office will provide information and guidance to the lawyers, litigants and general public about the availability of the certified copy of their decisions as well as other allied material. The office will provide complete information about a case on receiving case number, FIR number and title of the case. It will also provide information about the movement of the under process certified copies of the decisions. In the second leg of facilitating the lawyers and litigants about their cases, a call centre is also being set up in the LHC which will convey information at the office and the house.