What if there were small green beings on mars that sneak out and throw a rock at “Curiosity” - the $2.5 billion ‘Capitalist Toy’ made to find life on the red planet. Will the next Curiosity edition, be equipped with a weapon? Imagine if Curiosity sends back pictures of a pool of diamonds, surrounded by little green beings, who do not welcome ‘foreign’ machines on their landscape. Will the next mission, include a drone cover?

Whereas the presence of this little green being on Mars, throwing a rock, living by a pool of diamonds may sound like a farfetched and hilariously childish imagination. The $2.5 billion spent on this project is a fact, good for what? How many lives could have been saved here on earth with this figure? How many starving people could have been given another morsel to keep them alive? How many taps to provide clean water could have been installed?

What makes the desire to chase an answer to a query worth more than the lives which could have been saved or improved? Answer: Capitalism, and Man’s opinion that he can exclusively legislate best for himself and the rest.

Contrary to this, in an Islamic State under a Caliphate rule, it would value human life and prioritise according to the Divine Injunctions. For this reason, the Caliphate would hasten to rescue those in distress due to famine, like it helped the Irish in 1845. The Caliphate would revoke patents, and hence exponentially boost production of medication to help the ill worldwide irrespective of race, color, or creed. The Caliphate would not let a few own, exploit and than squander the natural resources, it would manage these for the collective benefit of the common man. The Caliphate would not pursue to put a ‘Man on Mars’. It would seek to liberate the man on earth, so that he stands on his own feet, and is free from exploitation.

Curiosity is sending back fascinating images, but one is curious, if the images are worth it? In Capitalism, they surely are. A Caliphate, on the other hand is not anti-science, in fact it would seek to rapidly develop science that actually helps human beings, and it would seek knowledge which is useful to all mankind.


Lahore, August 7.