PESHAWAR - The tribal elders hailing from Mohammad Agency accused the Political Agent of making massive embezzlement in developmental and welfare funds, and demanded an impartial probe into the irregularities.

Addressing a news conference here at Peshawar Press Club (PPC) on Thursday, the tribal elders led by President Awami National Party (ANP), Mohmand Agency, Nisar Mohmand alleged that Political Agent from the agency Adil Khan had embezzled development funds and blocked salaries of Khassadar forces without any valid reasons for several months. He said that the present government had brought political and administrative reforms, aiming to bring development and streamlining the tribal areas.

“The amendments to Frontier Crime Regulation (FCRs) and extension of Political Parties Act are the major steps in this regard,” he added. Nisar said the tribal people are now much politically aware after the government political reforms in Fata. In the light of reforms, he said that the political parties have started reorganisation campaign in the tribal region.

He said that KPK governor had also issued directives to extend cooperation with administration and political organisations in Fata, meant to provide maximum opportunities for political stability in the tribal areas. He, however, said the Political Agent Adil Khan from Mohammad Agency had used all means to create hurdles before political elders, and not ready to consult with them about the funds allocated for development and welfare of people of the agency. 

Whereas, he said that the PA had made all his efforts to create hindrance to stop political process in the Mohmand Agency.

Owing to monopoly of the PA, he said several projects had been initiated on like and dislike grounds instead of needs basis in the area, resulted inflicting huge financial losses to national exchequer. ANP president further alleged the PA had apprehended old age tribesmen under the ‘draconian’ FCR, and was also not ready to accept recent amendments to the law, which was against the presidential directives.

He also said that many personnel of Khassadar force were deprived of salaries for the last several months, which was blocked by the PA without any valid reasons, adding that after the indifferent attitude of PA, members of peace committee of the area had declined to cooperate with administration.

He appealed to Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, President Asif Zardari, and Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Barrister Masood Kausar to take immediate notice of ‘unfair attitude’ of PA Mohmand Agency, and remove him from his office. He also warned that if their demand was not met, then they would be compelled to march towards federal capital, Islamabad, in protest.