The opposition to Kalabagh dam is not only political but also because there is very little understanding about how dams work. Dams only store surplus water during the flood season without interfering with the normal flow of the river. The flow in the Indus will actually increase when Sindh’s share from the stored water is released into it. Other than Kalabagh dam being in Punjab there is no difference between Kalabagh and Bhasha dam. Both will store water for irrigation to feed the irrigation canals at the barrages as per demand and as per the agreed provincial shares. The number of canals on the Indus barrages are: Jinnah-1, Chashma-2, Taunsa-3, Guddu-4, Sukkur-7 and Kotri-4. It is not the dams but the canals which deplete the Indus river and leave very little to flow below Kotri. The demand at the canal heads has been increasing every year but the supply has remained static for the last 38 years since Tarbela dam increased it from 83 maf to 104 maf. It is only ignorance of the actual position that is keeping us from increasing the much needed supplies.


Lahore, August 15.